Rural Vaughan Homes Property Values


I have compiled all the recent sales of Homes in Rural Vaughan and surrounding areas for individual homes. This data I have compiled is from December 25th, 2011 - February 23rd, 2012.

If you are interested in the final sales price of these homes please contact me at 905-764-6000 or

Street Name Abbr Municipality Community List Price Type Style Br GarTyp
 Athabasca   Dr   Vaughan   Rural Vaug  $1,174,900  Detached   2-Storey   4   Attach 
 Bestview   Cres   Vaughan   Rural Vaug  $499,500  Detached   2-Storey   3   Built- 
 Goyo   Gate   Vaughan   Rural Vaug  $525,000  Detached   2-Storey   3   Built- 
 Peak Point   Blvd   Vaughan   Rural Vaug  $898,000  Detached   3-Storey   5   Attach 
 Regency View  Hts   Vaughan   Rural Vaug  $539,900  Detached   Bungalow-R   2   Attach 
 Regency View  Hts   Vaughan   Rural Vaug  $659,900  Detached   Bungalow-R   3   Attach 
 Regency View  Hts   Vaughan   Rural Vaug  $655,000  Detached   Bungalow   3   Attach 
 Woodland Acres  Cres   Vaughan   Rural Vaug  $1,438,000  Detached   2-Storey   3   Attach 
 Woodland Acres Cres  Vaughan   Rural Vaug  $1,699,900  Detached   Bungalow   4   Built-